Want to order a cake? Here are a few options for your cake, choose from below!

1- Want to upload a photo?

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2- Want to add a frame to your uploaded photo? 

Fill in the order form and scroll through the pictures labeled Generic Frame and Licensed Frame, add that Frame # in the order form on line Image # and we will combine them together* extra charge applies to licensed frames only as you are already charged for your uploaded photo.

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If you prefer to phone your order in we recommend you phone in your order with at least 24 hours notice. However there are lots of cakes in store to choose from for those last minute needs.

We can personalize them on the spot

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 8" CAKE serves 
8-10        $28.99    
Blizzard Cake $32.99

10"  CAKE  serves
12-16     $32.99   
  Blizzard Cake $36.99

SHEET CAKE serves 20-24      $38.99      
Blizzard Cake $43.99

HEART CAKE serves 10-14      $28.99    
  Blizzard Cake $32.99

LOG CAKE     serves 
8-10        $24.99
Blizzard Log

Cup cakes pack of 6  $16.99

Image on cake extra charge

Prices may change without notice

Licensed Frames

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