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NEW pay online option!

Want to order a cake? Here are a few options for your cake, choose from below!

Scroll through our online DQ menu

Look through our menu to order from a selection of cakes, food options and your favorite treats! Click link below. Uploading photos is not an option on the DQ menu see info on upload below.

Upload your photo

Want to upload a photo to make your special occasion even more special! Click link below.

Don't want to use the online DQ menu to order your cake?

Look through variety of licensed and unlicensed images to choose from or order your cake with no image. Click on appropriate link below.


Fill in Cake form

If you prefer to phone your order in we recommend you phone in your order with at least 24 hours notice. However there are lots of cakes in store to choose from for those last minute needs.

We can personalize them on the spot
Please call




Upload an image on a cake $7.00

Add an unlicensed frame to upload included

Add a licensed frame to upload $3.00


Add an unlicensed image $7.00

Add a licensed image $10.00

8" CAKE serves 8-10        $31.99   

 Blizzard Cake $35.99

10"  CAKE  serves12-16     $35.99   

Blizzard Cake $39.99

SHEET CAKE serves 20-24      $41.99   

 Blizzard Cake $46.99

Prices may change without notice

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